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...Q: Why is Perl file name with backslash illegal? I created a script that I need to run on various OSes using Perl on a different OS. On my current OS I have to quote a file name to make it work because of the double backslash in the file name, but the Perl script I need to run doesn't recognize the filename with the backslash in it. If I leave it unquoted it fails. The file exists and works on the system I'm running Perl on. Any ideas? Thanks. A: Are you sure that this file exists and is the right size? The first thing I would do is check your Perl configuration for whatever system you're using, but even if this doesn't help, check the error message. Can you get more detail on what the error is, in particular the filename? Comparison of diagnostic yield in cytological and histological examinations in preoperative evaluation of ampullary tumors. We report the findings of preoperative evaluations of carcinomas of the ampulla of Vater on cytological smears and histological specimens. Of 122 histological specimens examined in the surgical clinic, 76 (62.3%) were benign and 45 (37.7%) were malignant. Of the 45 malignant lesions, 14 (31.1%) were not detected preoperatively and 41 (88.4%) were detected. Although the average sensitivity of cytology was lower than that of histology (66.7% vs. 100%, respectively), the average specificity of cytology was higher than that of histology (96.7% vs. 90.2%, respectively). These data suggest that cytological examination should be included in the preoperative evaluation of ampullary tumors.Regional cerebral blood flow distribution after spinal cord injury: an autoradiographic study. Regional changes in regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) in rats with spinal cord injury were examined using [14C]iodoantipyrine autoradiography. Tissue distribution of the label within the brain was measured in sham-operated control animals, and in animals with a unilateral injury at the level of the T9 spinal cord segment. Two techniques were used to produce a traumatic injury. One method involved laminectomy with a weight drop method, and the second involved a controlled retraction of a razor blade. Both injury procedures produced comparable levels of damage at the les





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HD Online Player (Fly Away Home 1996 Bluray 1080p Dts ) [2022-Latest]

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