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It supports hosts like Cubasis, Logic and many more. You can also add audio through MIDI, aftertouch, foot switches or other controllers. If you're looking for a complete app like Audiobus, I'm sure you won't be disappointed by ReWire. It is open source software and you can download the source code from the ReWire website. This version is 4.0.3. Features: Audio in/out over MIDI Inputs from Logic and Cubase Outputs to Logic, Cubase, and in the case of Pro Audio Tracks or Cubasis, Remote Recording also works! Connect multiple instances of ReWire with the option to control them all simultaneously! Includes MIDI in/out for your other host applications. Version 4.0.3: Minor bugfixes and improvements. Known issues: Some host programs like Audiobus do not output audio correctly at the moment. Running this application in the background without the rest of your host applications will cause issues. This is because the default host "Server.exe" is used to monitor the audio and if you stop the other host applications, the audio stops as well. This can be solved by either having ReWire and the host program running simultaneously or you can add your audio in using ReWire's standard output options. To add audio to your host, open the host, and at the top right, click "Options" and then select "Output options" from the menu. At the bottom of the dialog, you'll see an option to select the output source. Select "Audio". Then, select the ReWire host in the drop down box and you'll be ready to go. More Information: Contact: Installation Guide: Online Help: Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy for Non-commercial use: Documentation



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Xt Rewire Vst Torrent

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